Monday, 11 August 2014

Something Wicked This Way Comes...

Hello again! I've had a busy couple of weeks and almost totally forgot I was due a post today, so I very nearly completely missed this one! Thank goodness for repeat alerts in calendars!

I had wanted to get a lot more done for today, but I'm still pleased with my efforts so far. I have had my Chaos Sorcerer sat on my painting desk since I started my Anglo-Danish war band, and he was just crying out to be finished. I had got to a point with him where I wasn't totally happy with how he was turning out, and I couldn't see how to get him to a level I was happy with. In the end, it just took a little bit of time away from painting him for me to work out how I wanted to finish him.

I am particularly pleased with the bright blue eyes. I knew I wanted to add something a little different to the miniature to set him apart from the rest of my Warriors of Chaos, but I didn't want to use too much blue and have him clash with the rest of my army. I've tried really hard with my Warriors of Chaos to keep to a consistent palette to tie everything together, and wanted to keep that on the wizard. The blue eyes also draw the eyes to the miniatures face which is something, something, miniature painting theory!

Also, I painted 6 levies for the Anglo-Danish. They are levies with slings, I'm not sure they deserve very many words.

The finished wizard... it only took me 6 weeks to paint him!
I tried to get the snow to run into the cracks on the base, leaving the chaos star in the rocks showing through.
I painted the eyes with a base of Caledor Sky, followed by a dot of Skull White and a glaze of Guilliman Blue.
The first six levies done. Six more, and my Anglo-Danish war band is completed! :)
This guy definitely has my favourite face of the whole lot.
These faces were just as easy to paint as the ones from the Thegns box. I would recommend Gripping Beast plastics to anyone looking to collect Saga.
That's all for now folks! I aim to get the last 6 levies done for next weeks post, and that will then be my Anglo-Danish war band for Saga completely finished! :) Once they are done, I can start on the final push to get my Warriors of Chaos done for Raze and Ruin :) I'm really looking forward to getting back onto painting them, especially with some of the miniatures I've got for them now.

Thanks for reading! :)

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