Tuesday, 29 July 2014

How Much Wood Can an Anglo-Dane Chop?

Hello again! I've had a very productive couple of weeks, and I've managed to finish off nearly everything for my Anglo-Danish war band. I've completed 8 Hearthguard with Dane Axes, 4 Hearthguard without and my Warlord. All I have left to finish is 12 Levies, and my Warband is finished!

I have really enjoyed painting these miniatures, and they have been a good break from the Warriors of Chaos. Once I have the levies done, I am looking forward to returning to the Chaos though. I now have a fixed date by which point I need to have my 2,500pts list fully painted and based - 18th October. I am definitely confident that I will be finished in time, and have some really wonderful models sitting in my painting queue, including a Lord of Daemonic Mount, a Warshrine and a Chariot. I've also got a Saga Warband of Scots to do too, but they can wait until later this year! :)

I've also managed to get some fairly simple conversions done on the Hearthguard with Dane Axes. I took the hands that grip onto the dane axe in the 'over the shoulder' pose and attached them to the arms that hold weapons so the axe can be held horizontally. I think it makes for a really great pose for the Hearthguard, and is really a very easy conversion to pull off!

I'm afraid this weeks pictures were taken with my my iPhone as the proper camera is on a walkabout in Scotland!

I'm actually pretty impressed with the quality of my iPhone's camera!
As usual, I really enjoyed painting the shields on these miniatures :)
This is one of the Hearthguard that has been converted as described above. For such an easy conversion, the results are impressive :)
The faces on these Gripping Beast plastics really make the models such a joy to paint. They have the same level of character as a modern GW kit.
I'm really pleased with the layering on the Warlord's cloak.
I'll try and get some better photographs in the next blogpost, when I have the other camera back.
That's all for now! I will try and get the next 12 levies done for the next post, but I would be happy to just have 6 done :)

Thanks for reading!

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