Monday, 24 March 2014

The Five Horsemen

Hello again! :) Here is the awkward third post! The last couple of weeks have been pretty slow, painting wise. I have been pretty busy with real life things, and so my painting time hasn't been as much as I would have liked. Still, I have managed to finish five Marauder Horsemen, so I am pleased about that! I am finding that this blog has been really helping me stay on track, and providing an impetus to ensure that there are at least some new models to show off in each post.

As with all of the units so far, I have learned a lot painting these horsemen. I have definitely improved in painting faces, and I am finally starting to feel a bit more comfortable about doing it. I have also learned that I need to realise that the horse is as much a model to paint as the rider, and will take a reasonable amount of time to finish. These five models really felt like they dragged on towards the end as I kept finding additional things I needed to paint on the horses (which I thought would take no more than a couple of hours to do).

I still really enjoyed painting this unit, and I especially enjoyed the level of character in each of the riders; I still think they are fantastic models and they have made me genuinely excited to get stuck into my marauders. I wasn't able to make a start on the snow bases for the rest of the army, I hope to do this after I finish of this unit of ten horsemen. Time for the pictures! :)

I wanted to make the Marauders much brighter than the Chaos Warriors to emphasise the difference between them.
I wanted to use facets like the colour of hair or the horses to add variety within the unit; again, something very different to the very uniform Chaos Warriors.
I think this guy's face is by far the best I have ever done.
This is definitely my favourite of the helmeted heads.
I think I did a good job of capturing the detail on the nose and mouth of this horseman.
My aim is to finish this unit of horsemen for the next blog post, and then I will make a start on adding the snow to the bases of each of the models in my army. I should really do this before I get too far into the project and it becomes a much bigger job than it needs to be!

Thanks for reading, I'll see you next blog post! :)

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Painting Faces and Taking Photos

Hello again! This would be blog post number two :) My main focus with this post was improving the photography, and I think I've done a fairly good job. It's amazing what you can achieve by taking a camera off automatic!

Anyway, on to the miniatures! In the last two weeks, I have finished off a second unit of Chaos Warriors and completed my Chaos Lord. I have still been enjoying painting these models, but I came somewhat a-cropper whilst painting the unhelmeted faces; somehow I have managed to avoid painting faces for most of my miniature painting career, and so I had little experience in doing it. I think I have done an okay job, but I definitely have a lot to learn. Next up are some Marauder Horsemen, who will definitely be a trial by fire in that respect!

Onto the pictures! :)

The full unit of Warriors with two hand weapons
I have completed the first test base for the snow effect I will be using, and I'll hopefully have added it to all these bases by my next post.
For one of my first attempts at painting a face, this isn't too bad!
I wanted to try and make this banner very different to the banner for the other unit. I definitely prefer how I did the previous one.
I am really very pleased with the layering on the cloaks
I started painting my Chaos Lord whilst I was waiting for a wash on the cloaks to dry. In the end, he took just over a day to do, and I am very happy with the results. I am especially proud of capturing the layers of the cloaks.

I was certainly expecting this guy to take longer than he did!
I definitely still have a long way to go with faces, but I think I'm showing improvement in painting them already.
I think I did a good job on the cloak :)
Here is the complete army as it currently stands... Also, a teaser of my incredibly high-tech set up! ;)
I think I'll conclude this blog post here for now! I am currently working on my unit of Marauder Horsemen, and I am really looking forward to sinking my teeth into them. They are truly great, characterful models and will also give my plenty of practice with faces! My aim for the next post is to be able to show off at least five fully painted Horsemen and the snow added to the bases of my Warriors.

Thanks for reading! :)