Monday, 25 August 2014

And the Saga Concludes

Hello all! With the last six levies done, I have finally finished off my Saga warband! It's taken me about a month longer than I expected it to, and means that I'll need to crack right on with getting my Warriors of Chaos done for Raze and Ruin in October. I should definitely be able to get it all done, it's just going to be a much tighter painting schedule than I had originally hoped for!

That said, I have thoroughly enjoyed painting my Saga stuff. As I said at the start - my previous warband was done using poor quality plastics made worse by a poor quality paintjob. When I started them, I wasn't really sure if Saga would be a system that would stick around, so I didn't put very much effort into the models. I now feel that my warband reflects the level of painting I am capable of, and I have been pleasantly surprised by how well they have come out.

Painting the levies was very easy, which is a good thing given how easily they die on the battlefield! I've also taken some pictures of my fully painted Saga force, so enjoy! :)

The six remaining levies done.
This is definitely my favourite face of the whole Gripping Beast plastic range.
The full unit of 12 levies, ready to do very little and mill around the battlefield aimlessly!
My full Anglo-Danish warband. Not bad for just under two months of work!
My warlord.
A better photograph of the Hearthguard from a few weeks ago.
They've only just been finished, and the levies are already hiding behind the shield wall...
That's all for now! Next week I'll hopefully have done some more work on my Warriors of Chaos. I've written my 2,500pts list, and all I have left to finish is:
  • 6 Warriors of Chaos with Hand Weapon and Shield
  • 6 Warriors of Chaos with Two Hand Weapons
  • 1 Exalted Hero on Daemonic Mount
  • 5 Chaos Knights
I should be able to get that done for the 18-19th October, but definitely still wish me luck!

Thanks for reading! :)

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