Monday, 2 June 2014

Gone Marauding!

Hello again! Thanks for coming to look at my 8th blog post :) The last couple of weeks I have been painting a unit of 16 Marauders of Chaos. As with the Marauder Horsemen, I have really enjoyed painting these models. It's really all down to the faces from the Horsemen kit, they add so much character and life to the models that I can't help but enjoy working on them. This made them a very easy unit to paint, and surprisingly quick too!

I think I have definitely cracked painting faces with this unit, and I am now pretty confident in my ability to do this. They are never going to win me any awards, but they are definitely good for the tabletop! :)

In other news, I started to paint my Eldar, but I really didn't like how they were turning out; I will be stripping them and starting again. I even ordered some test models! Hopefully I'll have something to show for them by the end of June :) I have also had time to build a heck of a lot of models for my Eldar, Warriors of Chaos and Saga (a dark age skirmish game), but I'm not sure anyone wants to see photos of unpainted miniatures! ;)

Anyway, I've talked too much. Pictures!

The full unit :)
I wanted to make the centre of the drum skin look more worn than the rest of the surface.
I tried something a bit different with the banner. I wanted to make it look like it was covered in writing of blood. Really not sure it worked!
This Orc head wasn't looking quite right until I gave it a really thinned wash of Nuln Oil, that really worked to make it look rotted.
I think the guy in the centre of this photo has the best done face. The first time I've ever painted eyebrows too!
I eventually plan to run a unit of 40 of these... only 24 more to go! ;)
I'm currently working on a unit of 3 Skullcrushers, and hopefully they will be finished by the next post :) Once they are done, I'll have finished 1,600pts of Warriors of Chaos, putting me well on schedule to have a finished 2,500pts army by November for Raze and Ruin (a local - fully painted - fantasy tournament). I might even take a break to work on Saga and Eldar :)

Thanks for reading :)

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  1. lovely work as usual Ali,