Monday, 19 May 2014

All (Chaotic) Knight Long...

Hello again! :) This is the first of my blog posts that is being promoted on the Talk Wargaming blog network, so hello to anyone who has found me through it! :) The last couple of weeks have been really great for my hobby progress. I haven't really kept track, but I've managed to get at least thirty minutes of painting in every day for the last month or so, and I definitely think that this blog has motivated me to keep up this rate of painting.

The biggest thing I have done in the last two weeks is my unit of five Chaos Knights. I think these are really great models, if slightly difficult to actually rank up. Once I stuck the shields on I was sure they would never rank up again, but I was thankfully proved wrong. Any doubts I may have had about my armour painting method have been pushed aside by how these models have turned out; with such a large area of these models being armour, the way I painted it was going to make or break them.

I also managed to finish off adding snow to the two finished, but not fully based units - my Chaos Lord and my Warhounds. I've taken some more pictures of the Lord, but I'm not sure that the warhounds are sufficiently interesting to warrant more space than they've taken already! :)

Anyway, onto the pictures!

One of the most enjoyable part of painting these models was the variety found in the shields.
As I said above, I think that my method of painting armour translates well to such an armoured model.
I am finding that I am really enjoying painting flesh; on all models, it's one of my favourite steps.
I wanted to make the Chaos Star look like sore, red flesh. There are little drops of blood coming from the tips of the arrows.
This knight has my favourite pose of the whole unit.
The newly snow covered base of my Lord. I wanted to ensure that the skulls remained visible.
And here he is, in all his finished glory. I think he's a fantastic miniature, and I'd like to think I did at least some justice to him.
That's all I have to report for now. By next week I hope to have my unit of sixteen Marauders finished, and I am already most of the way through the first 6. I am becoming increasingly tempted to make a start on my Eldar (of which I have 3.5k of unpainted shame), so perhaps they will be coming to a blog post near you soon!

Thanks for reading :)

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