Monday, 17 November 2014

Chariots of Fire

Hello all! I will more than happily admit that I am relieved to see the Chariot done. It's one of my favourite models in the whole army, but goodness did it take an awful long time to finish. It's similar to the Marauder Horsemen in that respect - they are also one of my favourite units, but they took a very long time to finish. Both models have a lot of different textures and elements to them, and both are packed full of detail, so that probably has a lot to do with it.

I did really enjoy painting most of the model, and there is a lot I am proud of on there. For instance, there is my first attempt at edge highlighting hidden away on parts of it. Edge highlighting is a technique I have always been afraid to try, but unless I start doing it I will never get the hang of it. With each model I do now, I am looking for surfaces or areas that don't really matter and can't be seen very well to practice on - that way, it doesn't matter if my painting is sub-par. I doubt anyone will be able to spot the areas I've tried it on in the pictures! Speaking of which...

A mysteriously off centre shot of my Chariot.
I am particularly happy with the way the flesh came out on the driver.
I think that adding a bright red for the horses' eyes helps draw attention to their heads, and also adds to the brutality of their look.
I think this shot really shows of the dynamism of the model.
The 'wet blend' style effect on the whip was incredibly easy to do, and stolen straight out of this Games Workshop painting tutorial. If you have not looked at the painting tutorials before, I would highly recommend one. Even if what you collect has nothing to do with the models being painted, there will be at least one technique to pick up.
And that's all for now! I have started work on another Chaos Lord and 14 additional Marauders for my unit of 16. I will definitely have the Lord done by the next post, and hopefully at least 10 of the Marauders. I think I may also work on a tutorial for how I paint my Marauders as well, so do keep an eye out for that!

Thanks for reading! :)

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