Monday, 24 February 2014

Beginnings and Warriors of Chaos

So, hello! This would be my first blog post. I don't want to get bogged down in a very long preamble about myself, as frankly it's not worth the time it would take for me to write and you to read. In short, I've been into the hobby for most of my adult life, play a few game systems (40k, fantasy, Saga, Dreadball) and consider myself a hobbyist first and a gamer second.

The intention of this blog is to showcase my miniatures and keep me motivated to paint! I've been riding a wave of inspiration recently, and I have got a lot done. I feel like this blog will help me keep up with that! :)

Anyway, my first update will show off my most recently painted miniatures. This the first unit for my Warriors of Chaos army. I had previously done a test model for the scheme, but these guys were the first real go at a full unit of them. I am seriously proud of the banner. It's not the most amazing freehand, but I feel like it works well for what it is.

The bases aren't entirely finished, I'm going to be adding snow later.
I've used the blood to add something bright and vibrant to each model, the scheme is slightly dull otherwise.
I am, like I said, incredibly proud of the freehand.
I really love the heads from the Chaos Knight kit, and I think it works well as a Champion head.
I wish I had a better shot of the layering on the cloaks. It's turned out really quite well.
That's all for this first update. I plan to post a painting update every two weeks, hopefully with some new fully painted miniatures! I also intend to post a showcase of some of my previously painted models once a month. I think three posts a month is a good, manageable start. I'd rather not run before I can walk!

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