Tuesday, 8 April 2014

When Five Become Ten

Hello! I am really starting to get into the swing of this blogging lark, and I think these are the best photographs of miniatures I have taken so far! I am, of course, also enjoying the flattery :P

I have finally finished the unit of ten marauder horsemen. These guys have taken me far, far longer than I initially thought they would, and it definitely felt like they were dragging towards the end. They are beautiful models, and I am definitely happy with the job I've done with them, but I think I definitely need some quick wins to keep up my painting mojo.

I want this army of Chaos Warriors to be the best looking army I have ever painted, and part of that will mean spending a long time on models whose tabletop effectiveness doesn't tally up with the length of time they take to paint. My Chaos Warriors take next to no time compared to these guys, despite being a much tougher prospect for my opponent. There's always the temptation to do a quick and dirty job on cheap units, but I'm starting to see the reward for keeping to the same standard across a whole army.

I am simultaneously looking forward to and dreading painting the marauders. I am looking forward to painting them because I mostly enjoyed painting the horsemen, but I am also dreading the amount of time it will take to paint the fifty I plan to take.

Next up, I am going to work on some warhounds, who will hopefully be nice and quick! :) Onto the pictures!

The finished unit of ten horsemen
I think the ginger hair works well to brighten the unit.
I think that this guy's face is the best I have ever painted, especially around the scar.
With the partially enclosed helms, I have tried to strike a balance between picking out features, and leaving the recesses dark.
I enjoyed the variety of colours I could use when painting the horses.
As I said above, I am now going to be moving onto some warhounds, and hopefully finally cracking on with finishing the bases!

Thanks for reading :)

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